Naomi Williams Coxwell (1804-1889)

After a busy week I just had to take a moment to share a wonderful photograph that recently was shared with me.  Wednesday I was fortunate to have dinner and swap family stories with my second cousin, Suzanne.  She and I met through Ancestry and then we began to share photographs as they came into our possession.  Through her thoughtfulness I finally got to see the faces of my paternal great grandparents.  When she shared this copy of an old tintype photo of my 4th great-grandmother, Naomi Williams Coxwell, I was thrilled.  She was born in 1804 in South Carolina and died in 1889 in Walker County, Georgia.  I noticed a few details immediately upon getting this photograph.  What do you see?

Naomi Williams Coxwell
From the private of collection of Suzanne Woolfson

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