Happy Family History Month!

FreeDigitalMagIn honor of Family History Month, The In-Depth Genealogist (i.e. me and my posse) are giving a free issue of our digital magazine, Going In-Depth.  All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter.  I promise you won’t get spammed.  We try not to send more than one email a week.  To sign up, go here http://bit.ly/InDepthGenealogist

What you’ll get in this issue…

  • Across the Pond: “Worshipful Company of Gunsmiths” by Julie Goucher
  • Genealogy Downunder: “Family Angst Revealed in Probate Records” by Shauna Hicks
  • The Emerald Isle: “What will we do when we finish researching?” by Jim Ryan
  • Genealogy Solutions: “Applied Methodology… And Why It works!” by Leslie Drewitz
  • The Heritage Tourist: “This is the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor” by Dr. Bill Smith
  • A Peek Behind the Scenes of “Who Do You Think You Are” by Shannon Combs-Bennett
  • In Search of Your Scottish Roots: “The Genealogical Gems Held at the National Library of Scotland” by Christine Woodcock
  • Stories from the Battlefield: “Two Minutes of Silence. Honoring the War Dead in the Netherlands” by Jennifer Holik
  • Getting Started: “The 1910 Census” by Jenny Lanctot
  • Doing It Ourselves: “Scéalta ó chroí – na litreacha an tionscadail 1916 (Tales from the heart – the letters of 1916 project)” by Larry Naukam
  • German Rootseekers: “Finding The Place Where Your Roots Are” by Ursula Krause



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