RootsTech App Now Available

Over the weekend the new RootsTech 2016 app came out and I happily played with it for an hour while watching “Walking Dead”. Seemed appropriate to me.  *grin* There are a lot of features in the app and I thought I’d share my favorites with you.

As stated in the email announcing the app, “The new RootsTech 2016 conference app is now available to download, giving you access to all of the conference information, including classes, exhibitors, speakers, and more. With the conference app, you can:

  • Create a personalized class schedule.
  • Find speaker information.
  • Discover exhibitor details.
  • Connect with other conference attendees.
  • Tweet and post your favorite quotes and pictures at RootsTech
  • And more!

Plan for RootsTech, and download the RootsTech 2016 conference apptoday at the App Store and Google Play.”

My first “task” was logging into the app.  Fortunately I have already registered for the conference so I was able to load up the items that I was already signed up for.  If you have a luncheon that you paid for or a workshop- it should automatically show in the schedule. Of course when I started looking at my Schedule I realized that I’m not registered for the Innovator Day and I really want to go to some of the lectures!  In particular, “DIY Small Business Guerrilla Marketing Strategies” and “Get Your Startup Taken Seriously By a Big Company”. I also really enjoyed attending the General Sessions that day where all the different businesses competing for the top prizes presented their ideas.  It gives you some clue as to the general direction of the industry and I found it rather inspiring.  So needless to say, I need to register!

I then went through the Networking and added those that have made their information available for sharing. When you go into that section of the App it will let you know whether or not you are making your own information available.  I recommend that you do because this is a great way to learn more about the other attendees, presenters, exhibitors, and so on.

Next on the list for me was the News & Social section. There you can see all the latest tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos that FamilySearch and RootsTech has put out.  You can also see the “unofficial” tweets from my fellow Ambassadors and other attendees. Networking fun!

So if you plan to go or even if you just hope to watch the livestream videos during the conference I highly recommend you download the app.  It’s going to be a great way to participate in RootsTech 2016.  Go register and then get the app!


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