My First Periscope: All About Genealogy Education

Yesterday I finally got up the nerve to broadcast my first Periscope!  It’s funny how long it takes to get the background cleaned up, angle for the phone just right, and your topic organized.  It’s all fun once you get broadcasting, but the prep was a bit much. You see I am a bit of a perfectionist. So for me to hit the broadcast button was a bit nerve-wracking!  If you’d like to watch it you can through my channel on ( or go straight to the recording at

In my first scope I talked about a number of ways to get started with your genealogy education. I thought I’d share more of the details here so you could more easily find out about some of the things I mentioned.  So here goes!

  • Visit a genealogical society library.
    • They often have a volunteer that will help you get started and guide you through their collections.
    • Not everything is online… visiting a library can give you access to a lot of resources that are not available anywhere else.
  • Attend a society meeting/presentation.
    • Visit your local society and attend one of their meetings.  Regular meetings often have great networking and educational opportunities. Sometimes a topic that may seem like it won’t be of help in your research, will inspire you with great ideas of new avenues to research! To find nearby societies you can visit the FGS website and search by location.
  • Attend a local/state/national conference.
  • Watch webinars.
  • READ.
    • Your library has tons of great books that you can check out.  Don’t just look at genealogy! History of time periods and locations can be quite useful in understanding the times that our ancestors lived in.
    • Blogs are fantastic places to learn about research strategies, new resources, and get all your genealogy news.  Check out Geneabloggers and search for topics you are interested in.  Then use Feedly to help you manage all those blogs so they don’t inundate your inbox.
  • Find your geneapeeps!
    • Having a gang of genealogy buddies that you can call on when you get stuck in your research or you need support.  It’s good to have some friends to lean on!

So that’s what I covered in this week’s broadcast.  Next time I’m going to talk about strategies for conferences… since I’m headed to RootsTech!  Thanks for reading and please let me know if I’ve missed any avenues for education.  I’ll try to cover them in a future Periscope!  Follow me on Twitter as JenniferAlford




One thought on “My First Periscope: All About Genealogy Education

  1. Hello Jennifer! I think your broadcast was great. Your ideas for getting your feet wet in genealogy is very good. I especially liked your idea about going out of your area of research and look into and learn from genealogists doing research in totally different areas. I am situated in Norway.


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