FamilySearch Hosts Free 5-Day Western European Family History Conference

Just a few days ago I received an email about the FamilySearch Free 5-Day Western European Family History Conference. If you haven’t tried to do this before, I highly recommend it!  Bookmark the information and then on the day of the conference click on the link for Webinar. If you haven’t used Adobe Connect before for genealogy webinars you might want to download the software ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss important information. The speakers are very knowledgeable and I know you will benefit from the free education!


Salt Lake City, Utah (26 March 2017), FamilySearch’s world-renowned Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, will be offering its free Western European Family History Conference, May 15 to May 19, 2017. Guests can attend classes in person or online. The conference will focus exclusively on select Western European research and is intended for beginning and intermediate researchers. Classes are free, but registration is required due to class size and webinar bandwidth limitations. For more information or to register, go to FamilySearch Wiki. Easily find and share this news release online in the FamilySearch Newsroom.

Classes will be taught by the Family History Library’s staff of experts and guest genealogists. Content will focus primarily on how to research records from Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Topics addressed will include census, church, immigration, and vital records.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Use the following links to register for deisired conference classes online or in the library: in-person guests or webinar guests.




Mon, 15-May, 9:00 AM Finding German Places of Origin (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Mon, 15-May, 10:15 AM Spelling Variations in German Given and Place Names (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Mon, 15-May, 11:30 AM Meyers German Gazetteer Now Online, Indexed and Fully Searchable (Beginner) WebinarMain B/C
Mon, 15-May, 2:00 PM German Church Records and Beyond: Deepen Your Research

Using a Variety of Town Records (Intermediate)

WebinarMain B/C
Mon, 15-May, 3:15 PM Elusive Immigrant: Methods of Proving Identity (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Tue, 16-May, 9:00 AM Finding Your French Ancestors Online Part 1 (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Tue, 16-May, 10:15 AM Finding Your French Ancestors Online Part 2 (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Tue, 16-May, 11:30 AM Finding Your French Ancestors Online Part 3 (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Tue, 16-May, 2:00 PM Out of the Ashes of Paris (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Tue, 16-May, 3:15 PM Research in Alsace-Lorraine (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Wed, 17-May, 9:00 AM Latin for Researchers (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Wed, 17-May, 10:15 AM Calendar Changes in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the

Low Countries (Intermediate)

WebinarMain B/C
Wed, 17-May, 11:30 AM Gazetteers and Maps for Belgium, Luxembourg, and the

Netherlands (Intermediate)

WebinarMain B/C
Wed, 17-May, 2:00 PM Beginning Research in Luxembourg (Beginner) WebinarMain B/C
Wed, 17-May, 3:15 PM Beginning Research in Belgium (Beginner) WebinarMain B/C
Thur, 18-May, 9:00 AM Names in Belgium and the Netherlands (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Thur, 18-May, 10:15 AM WieWasWie, Past the Index: What to do Next (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Thur, 18-May, 11:30 AM Dutch Provincial and City Research (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Thurs, 18-May, 2:00 PM Dutch Research Before 1811 (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Thu, 18-May, 3:15 PM Finding Your Family in the Amazing Online Amsterdam City

Archives (Intermediate)

WebinarMain B/C
Fri, 19-May, 9:00 AM Beginning Swiss Research Part 1 (Beginner) WebinarMain B/C
Fri, 19-May, 10:15 AM Beginning Swiss Research Part 2 (Beginner) WebinarMain B/C
Fri, 19-May, 11:30 AM Swiss Archives Online Records (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C
Fri, 19-May, 2:00 PM Swiss Census Records (Beginner) WebinarMain B/C
Fri, 19-May, 3:15 PM Swiss Chorgericht Records (Intermediate) WebinarMain B/C



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