I offer a range of research services designed to fit your needs:

Research Plan

When initiating any project it is important to develop a research plan to assist the genealogist in focusing their work.  Once we have agreed on the goal of the project, I do ask that you sign a contract, send copies of all your documents and family information that you’ve collected, and submit a retainer before work on your project begins. An initial deposit of $250 is needed to develop the full research plan and will go toward the research itself.

Research & Analysis

Research time reviewing online resources, reading microfiche, ordering vital record certificates, visiting library and record repositories, and reviewing relevant books. From start to finish your project may take anywhere from a few weeks to months depending on the extent of the research needed.   I follow the APG Code of Ethics and will do my utmost to give you a clear explanation of the findings of the research.  I cannot guarantee finding the information that you are seeking, but I will make every reasonable attempt to do so.

Upon completion you will receive a CD (or DVD) with all data compiled from the research.  Hard copies of all data and a report detailing the research performed with recommendations for future research work will also be provided.  Copyright ownership of the written report will be retained by me.


My hourly rate is $40 and I do not charge for travel within Licking, Knox, or Franklin Counties (Ohio).  Outside of these counties I charge the federal rate for mileage.  I also require reimbursement for copies, application fees, parking, and postage.

A Final Note:  Genealogical research is challenging and though I enjoy a good puzzle, sometimes the pieces are missing.  There is only so much information that is out there in order to make a definitive determination.  I will make every effort to answer your questions, but I cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to find the results you would like.  My charges are based on the time I spend on the search, analysis, and reporting, regardless of the results.

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