Contact me to get me scheduled to speak at your upcoming meetings!

All presentations include a great handout for attendees. Bonus downloadable forms may be available based on the topic.

In-person Speaking Conditions:

  • Honorarium
  • Lodging & transportation (if outside of Ohio)
  • Require screen for projector

Virtual Speaking Conditions:

  • Honorarium
  • Webinar can be by Google Meet, Zoom, or Go To Meeting as needed.
  • Tech savvy individual at location to ensure presentation can be viewed and heard.

Lecture Topics:

New lectures developed upon request.  See this page for current topics.


Jennifer is a Traffic Engineer by day and a genealogy professional and lecturer by night. Her strong organizational skills and use of logic and methodology as an engineer are highly beneficial to genealogy research.  Her research specialties include Jewish resources and the Midwest. Her business, Jenealogy, creates engaging family history treasures to enhance the bond between generations. Her artistic pursuits are combined to develop beautiful personalized artwork for her clients.

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