What is Genealogy Coaching?

Genealogy coaching provides you with experienced guidance in doing your own research. Many people cannot afford to have someone do the research for them and this is a great way to get the benefit of professional guidance without breaking the bank!  By limiting the amount of time that I coach you and doing the research yourself we are able to get the most “bang for your buck.”

Here’s what I offer:

What’s in your stack of papers? I’ll help with an initial review of your research problem and the information you’ve collected to date. You will be surprised what just gathering the research for a fresh set of eyes can do for you. Sometimes you might even come to realize that you’ve had the answer all along! Forget clicking your heels, Dorothy!

What is your goal? So many times when I speak with someone about their genealogy research they get sidelined by difficult ancestors and need a nudge to remember why they started in the first place.  I can help you develop a research plan to finally achieve that research goal that you were distracted from.  We all suffer from the “Ooh shiny objects!” at times.  I’ll do my best to get you back on track.

Not sure where to even begin? Maybe you need help developing your own education in the topic. I can make recommendations of books, websites, and places you can go to learn more. Or we can even do a one-on-one to get you started.  I’m flexible and want to help you get started on the right foot.

How can I figure out where I can find the information? I can provide guidance on potential resources “out there” and get you a plan to find that ancestral home, passenger list, or missing sibling. We’ll work together to develop a plan of attack and how to approach archives, courthouses, and libraries so that you don’t waste your time when you travel to do on site research.

The bottom line? I want to help you with your research, but in a constructive way. I want to help YOU with YOUR research and move past those stumbling blocks. Genealogy research is a blast and if you do it yourself you’ll have the satisfaction of making that discovery and finding that missing document.  It’s an amazing feeling and I want YOU to have that sense of accomplishment.

Are you interested in a coach who is in your corner?  Then email me or send me a message to get started!