One of the joys of the work that I do is getting feedback from those that have attended my presentations, purchased my family trees, or hired me to assist with their research.  Please take a moment to read the comments below and then get in touch with me to see how I can help you!

A comment from a genealogy research client:

  • I was most impressed by Jennifer’s willingness to let me do as much of the research as I could, but that would not have been possible without her carefully crafted research plan keeping me on track. Having never done any genealogical research before, I relied on her to “hold my hand” through the process and found myself enjoying this experience immensely under her expert guidance!  ~ Liz

Comments from my recent Legacy Family Tree webinar on “Getting Started Researching Your Jewish Ancestors”:

  • Amazing source of information and places to go when researching your Jewish Ancestry. Thank you for the very informative handout.
  • As a Jewish researches, I would say she did an excellent job for an overview. Her knowledge was accurate but not in-depth.
  • Content good and great syllabus.
  • Excellent — the pace was nice as well!
  • Excellent webinar! I have no Jewish ancestors but the webinar was really great.
  • Excellent, good to know about the Jewish people and ancestry.
  • Found this Webinar very interesting even though I have no Jewish ancestors that I have discovered yet.
  • Good beginners guide.
  • Great overview of Jewish research for those of us with little background. Especially appreciated the colorful map and discussion of types of Judaism. Lots of resources given.
  • Great resources that I look forward to using!
  • Great! I learned a lot and thank Jennifer for giving her time to educate me more on my Jewish roots.
  • Haven’t found any Jewish Ancestry in my family, but it was a very interesting lecture. Jennifer was excellent.
  • Very, very informative. Jen is top-notch – prepared, informative, offers so many links, etc.
  • Interesting..especially the discussion on Jewish culture and locations of ancestral Jewish families. I always learn something new!!!
  • Nice to have some education about the Jewish heritage to understand how/where to research.
  • Not Jewish but enjoyed learning about genealogy in the jewish culture.
  • She did a great job. I have Jewish ancestry but am fairly new to Jewish research, so I found this very helpful. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you for this webinar. While the information was good, this webinar would really benefit more beginners than intermediate researchers.
  • Very informative webinar for a beginner researching Jewish ancestry! Thank you!

Feedback on family trees that were purchased:

  • Family Tree made a wonderful and beloved gift. Shipping was expedited to make Christmas deadline. Thank you so much!! ~ Mary
  • Jen was extremely patient and helpful. I asked for a little bit different of a layout than she had shown and she was completely accommodating. She was a delight to work with and the end product was exactly what I wanted. I would recommend her many times over. I ordered a family tree for my father who is very much into Geneology and I know that he will love the beautiful print that Jen did. ~ James
  • My mother loved this! It was so beautiful and the seller was beyond helpful!  ~ Inna

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