Over the past few years I have had a great time writing, editing, and publishing Going In-Depth magazine each month as part of The In-Depth Genealogist. Check out what I have written for the publications below.

National Genealogical Society Magazine

“Why did mom keep that cracked tea cup?” (July/August/September 2015 issue) The article was based on the presentation I give on “Documenting Your Family Heirlooms” and was all about documenting your family heirlooms and the stories behind them.

Going In-Depth Magazine

In April 2012 I began a Jewish Genealogy column for The In-Depth Genealogist.  This resource is for all levels of genealogist and includes a monthly newsletter, blog, forums, resources for kids and teachers, and many other great resources.

Past column articles include:

  • Interview with Bubbe*
  • Shlepping* to the Cemetery
  • Getting Your Tuches* to the Archives
  • A Bissel* of Knowledge Goes a Long Way
  • Don’t Kvetch*- Use Timelines and Locations to Reveal Secrets
  • I Could Plotz*- All Three Birthplaces!
  • Identifying Your Ancestors Through Your Tateh*
  • Someday I Will Be a Newspaper Maven*
  • Starting as a Pisher* in Slovakia
  • What Does it Mean to be a Bas Yisroel*?
  • Oy Vay* the Holocaust Destroyed the Records
  • Know Bupkes* about Israel Research? Let’s Get Started Anyway
  • It Takes Chutzpah* to do Jewish DNA Research
  • Getting Started with Jewish Genealogy Research

Tech Reviews

  • Let’s Take a ‘Field Trip’

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