I began developing my genealogy knowledge in 2008 when my maternal grandmother and paternal grandparents passed away.  Since that time I have used my free time to become actively involved in the genealogy community.  Through networking I have met a wonderfully diverse group of genealogists that are a powerful resource for me.  I am constantly reading blogs, taking webinars, attending conferences, and reading a variety of reference books.  I love learning about history and discovering my ancestors connections to the past.

I am an Ohio State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and am a licensed Professional Engineer and Professional Traffic Operations Engineer.  My “day job” as a traffic engineer for a local city creates opportunities to gain knowledge and valuable skills that translate to my genealogy business.  I have found my strong organizational skills and use of logic and methodology as an engineer is highly beneficial to genealogy research.

Throughout my life I have enjoyed artistic pursuits since I was a little girl.  Art classes through the Middletown Art Center and through junior and high school have resulted in skills as a water colorist, calligraphist, oil painter, and sketch artist.  My training as a computer drafter also brings unique knowledge of aesthetics and spacing of text and line work.  I have also participated in the local Via Colori street art festival held in Columbus, Ohio.  Other artistic pursuits include embroidery, cross stitch, sewing, scrap booking, and photography.  All of these interests are combined in my development of beautiful personalized artwork for my clients.

Current Volunteer Work

  • Historian for the Indiana Genealogical Society
  • Blog Editor for “Once a Hoosier… Always a Hoosier” for the Indiana Genealogical Society


  • Indiana Genealogical Society
  • South Bend Area Genealogical Society
  • Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society