Don’t Forget to Write Down Your Own Memories

Recently I was listening to my favorite podcaster, Lisa Louise Cook of Genealogy Gems, and she mentioned how important it is to start writing down your own stories.  I then realized how little I’ve done for myself.  Sure, I’ve kept journals, diaries, and blogs over the years, but I’ve noticed that I tend to write … Continue reading Don’t Forget to Write Down Your Own Memories

Margaret Ann Clifford (1925-2008)

Margaret (Marge) was born September 1, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois to Violetta Agnes Senn (1902-1997) and John Leo Clifford (1902-1980).  She had two sisters, Mary Elizabeth and Barbara Louise, and a younger brother Thomas Richard.  In the 1930 census the family lived at 2204 1/2 Miami Street, South Bend, Indiana.   In late 1947, Marge met … Continue reading Margaret Ann Clifford (1925-2008)

Clifford Family Revelations & Morse Breakthroughs

Earlier this month I was fortunate to have my dad come and visit.  I don't get to see him very often so I appreciated the fact that he drove the 6 hours to see me.  It was great catching up and getting the chance to see photos that he'd gotten from my Uncle Tom's apartment.  … Continue reading Clifford Family Revelations & Morse Breakthroughs

Interesting Possibility on Alford Side of Family Tree

This morning I was poking around a bit on the family tree and exploring my great-great-great-grandparents on the Alford side.  Well, it looks like my GGGGrandmother Nancy Cole Moytoy was the daughter of Cherokee Indians.  I'd always heard hints of this in family stories, but I'd always thought it was a stretch.  Now I'm thinking … Continue reading Interesting Possibility on Alford Side of Family Tree