Scrapbook Sunday

This week’s activities have certainly opened my eyes to the benefits of digital scrapbooking.  Though I really enjoy the feeling of working with paper, photographs, and laying it all out… the digital method makes it so much easier to customize and adjust as you go.  Being able to adjust photographs to be the right size without cutting it up is just wonderful.  I was able to put both of these pages together in just over two hours and the nice thing is that I can revise them for different people in the family quite easily.  I foresee some pretty cool gifts for people using these new skills I’ve acquired!
Here’s what I did this week…
K-MFamilyTree-Pg2 copy
It surprised me that I had so many actual pictures of my ancestors and it made me wonder if there might be more “out there” that I just haven’t gotten yet.  Regardless, it was fairly easy for me to fill in this family tree.  I then moved on to the Pedigree Chart.  The example from the class only has the ancestors names, but I think when I get a chance I will add birth, marriage, and death dates and locations.  I might also adapt it so that I could show even more generations then the template shows currently. 
So as you can see, I’ve been busy!  I’m hoping to do some more digital scrapbooking throughout the week, but we shall see if I have the time after I get home from work each night.  I really wish there were more hours in the day so that I wouldn’t have to give up any sleep to get to do all this fun stuff!

7 thoughts on “Scrapbook Sunday

  1. Great job Jen! Everyone is making me so anxious to get mine done. Have to wait until my computer comes back from Dell. Hard-drive crashed. At least you gave me something to really look forward to!


  2. I’m with you and think I will probably add more information to the pedigree page, even if it will be repeated later in the book. It only took you two hours? It took me more like six hours. Did you notice we both picked polka dots? Great job Jen. On to week 3.Jennifer


  3. Thanks for the comments everyone! I’m really starting to love this project. I’ve always been a quick study with computer programs, but this is such fun to use. Can’t wait to learn more!


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