Wordless Wednesday- Clifford/ Alford Family

Left side of table (near to far)- Grandpa Billie Alford, Uncle Tom Clifford, John Long, Grandma Margaret (Clifford) Alford
Far end of Table- Great Grandpa John Clifford, Gail Long
Near End of Table- Craig Long
Right side of Table (near to far)- Great Grandma Violetta Senn Clifford, Aunt Jean (Clifford) Long,
Great Aunt Marie Clifford, Great Aunt Eleanor Clifford


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Clifford/ Alford Family

  1. Unknown next to Grandma Clifford is Jean Long, eldest of Great grandparents Clifford. Her husband is John Long, unknown man. Their children are Craig and Gail (unknown children). The two unknown older women are Marie and Eleanor, Great Grandpa Cliffords sisters. I dont know which is which for sure since I only saw them twice that I know of, but I think the redhead is Marie


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