President’s Day Memories

Today I am fortunate to be able to have the day off work and able to truly appreciate President’s Day.  In my field (engineering) it is rare to get so many holidays off so I felt I should share a little about a few of the Presidents that I greatly admire.  I have two Presidents that hold special places in my heart.  The first is Abraham Lincoln.  When I was just thirteen my grandparents took me on a road trip across the US.  During that trip I learned a lot about Lincoln and have some pictures that I took from those days.

 This is Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois.
Here I am on Lincoln’s doorstep.
That’s me at Lincoln’s Tomb
The Lincoln monument in Washington D.C. (abt 2001)

Only last year did I really learn a lot about the challenges that Lincoln faced after his election.  I had not realized that the US was on the brink of civil war just as he stepped into office.  For a man who faced depression and so much sadness in his life to be such a leader for our country is truly amazing.

Which brings me to the next President that I admire- Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  His memorial in Washington D.C. is unique in its combination of water and stone throughout.  Several years ago I was able to visit the memorial and took these pictures.

The FDR monument at night in Washington D.C.
FDR with his loyal dog, Fala

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