Family Mystery? I Want to Help!

Help with your family mystery

Do have a family mystery that you’d like help solving? I would love to help! You can post your question here or send me a private message and I will pick one each month to assist pro bono!


One thought on “Family Mystery? I Want to Help!

  1. what a great idea for a pro bono case each month! My G grandmother Emelia Carlotta Mantavoni Grandinetti started me on my tree and i have been obsessd ever since. (1893-1946)She died Italian immigrant with poor skills and mother of 6 and dedicated wife, in MARLBORO PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL(NOW CLOSED. )No one knows why..WHISPERS, FEMALE problems, etc. 13 years of being drugged, shock treaments and the Lord above only knows what else! THERE ARE WOMAN AND DEPRESSION ISSUES ON HER/OR SIDE of the family so would like some answers about it.


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