Book of Me- Prompt 4

Spring TulipsThis is part of a continuing series that I am participating in.  For more information check out Angler’s Rest.

Prompt 4: Favourite Season(s)

A Happy Memory.
Close your eyes and imagine your favourite season – write down what you see, feel, hear.

My favorite season is a toss up for me.  I love both spring and fall!  After a long winter of snow and bitter cold, the spring is exciting and energizing with new flowers blooming and sun shining.  I find my days full of yard work and planting and playing outside with my dogs.  I tend to make a lot of life decisions in the spring and they have been good ones in my opinion.

The Fall tends to be a more relaxing time for me.  Full of fun memories of going back to school and starting new relationships.  6 years ago I met my husband in the fall and what a great surprise that was.  We married last year and I am so glad that we did.  We both love the cooler weather and beautiful colors! Something about the smell of camp fires, leaves crunching underfoot, and cool air just puts me in a great mood!

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