Week 2 of My Genealogy Do-Over

Since I'm a busy gal it looks like I'm just getting around to wrapping up Week 2 of my Do-over.  I was surprised at the time it took for me to do my self interview.  I'm not one who really talks about myself much, but in the 40 years I've been around... I've done a lot … Continue reading Week 2 of My Genealogy Do-Over

Counting Down to FGS/RootsTech

I can hardly believe that in one month I'll be presenting at my first National Genealogy Conference!  I am very excited for this wonderful opportunity to see old and new friends from all around the world. I can't decide if I'm more excited about speaking at this level or finally getting the chance to be in Salt Lake … Continue reading Counting Down to FGS/RootsTech

Week 1 of My Genealogy Do-Over

Here it is! Week 1 of my Do-over and though I haven't spent a lot of time on it I've ruminated on the items that Thomas has assigned to this week.  They are: Setting Previous Research Aside Preparing to Research Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines While I have been contemplating this process there are a … Continue reading Week 1 of My Genealogy Do-Over