My 2015 Goals

Oh boy!  It’s that time of year when I start assessing where I’ve been… and where I want to go!  This year is going to be an awesome one with some great opportunities looming.  I can hardly wait!  I’ve got a lot of presentations scheduled and other fun activities (like going to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City!  WOOHOO!  So here are some hints on the new direction I’ll be going with my business.  Don’t worry, Jenealogy will still be around– I’m just shifting the focus toward what I’m finding more interesting and challenging for myself.  This mind map shows a bit of insight into my brain… don’t be scared!

mind map
Jen’s Mind Map of her Genealogy Career

Personal Research

  • Do the Genealogy Do-Over and get my research reorganized and citations cleaned up.
  • Write up my findings in a narrative as I go.

Overall Business Revamp

  • Refocus my business to do less research for others and more education and publishing work.

Website/ Social Media

  • Wrap up the design of my website at and begin writing for it at least once every other week.
  • Develop more content for my G+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook presence that is related to education for newsletters, magazines, & publishing.


  • Finish the NIGS course I am writing.
  • Write several guides related to developing newsletters, Publisher quick tips, Word quick tips, and InDesign quick tips to create a passive income stream.
  • Write a kids program for OGS to share with Scout programs, schools, libraries, etc.


  • Get at least one presentation scheduled each month in the local community.
  • Apply for NGS, FGS, RootsTech, OGS, and paid webinar opportunities.
  • Offer short presentations through YouTube to build up my outreach.
  • Strengthen my presentation skills through rehearsals and getting more input from others.


  • Contact societies & other organizations about the possibility of hiring me to do their newsletters or training someone to do it.

IDG Goals

  • Write at least one blog post a month for the website.
  • Create a new layout style for each magazine issue.
  • Make the email newsletter on the 15th more than an announcement of the latest magazine issue.
  • Reduce contract turnaround for new writers/projects to one week.
  • Delegate as much as possible so that I am not the hold up on new books, guides, courses, etc.

2 thoughts on “My 2015 Goals

  1. Very impressive! Don’t over do it and stay focused. If your ever in the San Diego area, I would love to have you speak. See ya in SLC!


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