Do You Back-up to the Cloud? Why Not?

The last month has been a hectic one for me as I have had some amazing opportunities to travel and present to a number of different groups.  As I traveled from Ohio to Salt Lake City for the first time there were one big worry that were on my mind.  What would I do if something happened to my laptop?  I’ve got files synced to the cloud, but I’d lose a lot of time trying to access it and finish up those revisions to my PowerPoints that I wanted to make.  Fortunately I had nothing to worry about, but it’s always good to have a backup plan in place.  I’ve got multiples now thanks to a special deal from IDrive.

For the past few years I have synced certain folders to my Dropbox account and others to my Google Drive.  I also have an external hard drive that I use, but that isn’t updated as often as the cloud services are.  Though I like the cloud there was always the concern that if I got locked out of one of those services (due to hackers or whatever) I better have an alternate plan.  So now I have IDrive and it backs up all my folders.  Now I have overlap and some better peace of mind.  If you are interested in taking advantage of a great deal (doesn’t everyone like a deal!?) you should check this link out.  As part of The In-Depth Genealogist, I must tell you that we get a commission for each sale.  Even so, you will get 1 TERRABYTE for just $14.88 for the year.  And then the next year isn’t just $59.95.

Don’t pass up the chance to backup your computer.  It’s important and you never know when a power surge or virus could mess up your computer.  Why take the chance?




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