An Elopement in the Family


Yesterday I was surprised to see this news article pop up as a suggestion for my family through Agnes Gilsinger is my 2nd grand great aunt on my dad’s side of the family. I can only imagine how the elopement went over with the family.


From The Logansport Pharos, Saturday, June 6, 1903, p. 3, col. 2






The marriage of Charles Plotner and

Miss Agnes Gilsinger, of Pulaski

county, which took place in the office

of Justice Kloenne last Monday, has

turned out to be an elopement. It

appears that the bride’s mother seri-

ously objected to her daughter keep-

ing company with Plotner, but the

young woman was equally determined

to act contrariwise, and Sunday

while the mother was in church, the

couple disappeared and the bride was

spirited away to Logansport whither

the groom followed and Monday the

wedding took place. It is understood

that since their return to Pulaski

county the parental blessing has been

secured and everything is serene.

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