See You in Fairfax Virginia

If you live anywhere near Fairfax, Virginia and have an interest in genealogy… you should try to attend this wonderful Spring Conference. This year I am excited to speak about Jewish genealogy! Four sessions!

Friday, April 6, 2018: Four sessions on Jewish Genealogy hosted by the Fairfax Virginia Genealogical Society as part of the 2018 Spring Conference held in Falls Church, Virginia. Join me for the following sessions:

  • 1:30 PM EST- “Oy vay! You Want to Research Jewish Ancestors?”
  • 3:00 PM EST- “Research Strategies for Jewish Genealogy”
  • 4:30 PM EST- “Jewish Genealogy on the Internet”
  • 7:00 PM EST- “Getting the Most from”

There will also be other tracks that you might be interested in! Check it out:

On Friday, April 6 we are pleased to offer six tracks of four lectures each:

  • Track 1 – Finding Their Religion Along the Way – Rev. David McDonald, CGSM
  • Track 2 – Jewish Genealogy – Jennifer Alford
  • Track 3 – Scottish Research – Christine Woodcock
  • Track 4 – African-American Research – Tim Pinnick
  • Track 5 – Finding Your Ancestors Using FamilySearch and the Family Tree – Carol & Gary Petranek
  • Track 6 – How to Knock Your Family’s Socks Off: Presenting Genealogical Information to Non-Genealogists in the 21st Century – Janet Hall Werner

On Saturday, April 7 we are pleased to offer six tracks of four lectures each:

  • Track 1 – Irish Research – David E. Rencher, AG®, CG℠
  • Track 2 – African-American Research: Slave Records – Char McCargo Bah
  • Track 3 – Quaker Research – Elizabeth J. Ernst
  • Track 4 – Recent Immigrants to America – Rich Venezia
  • Track 5 – DEATH! And Its Many Records – Charles S. “Chuck” Mason, Jr., CG
  • Track 6 – Religion and Theology: Pathways to finding your Ancestors – Michael Lacopo

Registration is just $110 if you register by March 15th. And you can sign up for private consultations with many of these wonderful people. For just $30 you can get some one-on-one guidance for your research. What a deal!

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