Getting Back into Genealogy

Earlier this year I decided to join a couple of genealogy societies that were of interest to me. I thought that “baby steps” back into the genealogy community might help me find the joy of genealogy again. So I joined the South Bend Area Genealogical Society (Indiana) and the Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society. Both offer regular newsletters, special databases on their website, and online meetings/classes. I’m not sure how long the online component will continue, but all the same I am enjoying my membership!

With a couple of generations of my family from South Bend, I appreciate having a connection to the society and also enjoy the historical aspects that they often share on the website. They have been offering in-person and Zoom options to their members. Being 6 hours drive away- I appreciate the option to attend via Zoom. At only $20 to support the society and also benefit from membership. A small price to pay!

As editor of the Indiana Genealogical Society I became aware of the newly formed NE Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society. While my Jewish ancestors did not live in northeast Indiana, I thought it might be a great way to learn more about Jewish genealogy and meet others with my interests. So far, I have attended a class where Mark Halpern of JRI-Poland. Though I’ve seen other overviews of the website, it was great to get a “live” demonstration and explanation. NEIJGS membership was just $25.

Lisa Louise Cooke

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my membership in the Indiana Genealogical Society. Last year we held our first virtual annual conference and this year we will be doing that again. The cool thing is that the conference is sponsored by VIVID-PIX and is completely free! If you have an interest in genealogy (don’t even need to be from/in Indiana) you might want to register! The 2021 Annual Conference is a 2-day virtual conference. Librarians from the Allen County Public Library will present four sessions on Friday, 9 April 2021. Lisa Louise Cooke will present four sessions on Saturday, 10 April 2021. Conference will be conducted remotely via Zoom. The Zoom link is being sponsored by Visit Fort Wayne ( Logon information and guidance for downloading the Zoom app will be sent prior to the conference. Visit the IGS website here to register.

So, even though I won’t be seeing any of my fellow genealogists in person… at least I can “connect” and rekindle my interests remotely. What have you been doing to keep up with your genealogy?

2 thoughts on “Getting Back into Genealogy

  1. Well said. Should prob do the same as have been spending last couple of years working South Bend Jewish families, and documenting Hebrew Orthodox Cemetery and Rose Hill Cemetery. I have family in both. Am working on each family, working the line back to the immigrant, and tracing his descendants, Will eventually publish some of it, as I have for my town here. It will include the Engel line, and most of the families that I associated with or knew of growing up in South Bend.

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