Clifford Family Revelations & Morse Breakthroughs

Earlier this month I was fortunate to have my dad come and visit.  I don't get to see him very often so I appreciated the fact that he drove the 6 hours to see me.  It was great catching up and getting the chance to see photos that he'd gotten from my Uncle Tom's apartment.  … Continue reading Clifford Family Revelations & Morse Breakthroughs

Shirley Helen Krueger (1918-2008)

Shirley was born July 11th, 1918 in Michigan City, Indiana to Myer “Mike” Krueger (1887-1934) and Antonia “Tony” Jeannette Engel (1889-1944). She was the youngest of three children with Marvin “Brother” (1914-1981) and sister Fern Esther (1911-1974) both doting on her. As a little girl she started dance lessons and through the years she continued … Continue reading Shirley Helen Krueger (1918-2008)