The Challenges of Jewish Genealogy

  It's been nine years since my wonderful Jewish grandma, Shirley Krueger Morse passed away and July 11th would have been her 99th birthday! As sad as I get to think of her death in May 2008, it also reminds me of the joy that I found in genealogy. In a way I was able … Continue reading The Challenges of Jewish Genealogy

Getting Started with Jewish Genealogy Workshop

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I learned that there was an interest in getting me to speak about Jewish Genealogy at the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, Ohio. When I was first getting my feet wet as a genealogist I attended several classes there that were offered in conjunction with the Franklin County (Ohio) … Continue reading Getting Started with Jewish Genealogy Workshop

Hurrah! Steve Morse One-Step Site is Back

Luckily we didn't have to wait as long as we thought we would.  It's back! I thought I might highlight some more of the great information and tools that he has shared on his website.  For those of you interested in learning more about Jewish research he has several articles and many tools available. This … Continue reading Hurrah! Steve Morse One-Step Site is Back

Are You a Fan of Steve Morse’s One-Step Page?

I sure am. I've found it invaluable as I go to research immigration records on and on the Ellis Island site. You see he's got extra filters you can apply for your searches if you use his Gold Form.  Steve Morse has spent a huge amount of time creating his website to be of … Continue reading Are You a Fan of Steve Morse’s One-Step Page?

52 Ancestors: #7 Samuel Engel

Now's the time to resume the No Story Too Small challenge from last year!   This time I am going to introduce you to my Great Great Grandfather, Samuel Hirsch Engel.  He is the father of my maternal great grandmother, Tony.  Here's what I've learned over the past few years since I began researching Samuel's life. Samuel Engel and his family … Continue reading 52 Ancestors: #7 Samuel Engel