Why I have started this blog

In 2008 all three of my remaining grandparents passed away. It hit me hard and as a result I began to wonder about their history and what stories I missed out on. I spoke with my parents and began to become increasing interested in our family history. I joined Ancestry.com and bought Family Tree Maker. I scoured family photographs for clues as to who my relatives were and where they came from. At first I was amazed at the sheer volume of information “out there”! Census records, immigration details including ship manifests, birth, marriage, and death certificates were available for so many of my relatives! It has been quite fascinating for me.
I’ve always been interested in history and the stories of my past. I knew hardly anything about my Alford side of the family. All I knew about my mom’s side of the family is that we were descended from Russian Jews and that my great grandfather, Myer Krueger, had come over around 1900. A great treasure hunt for my roots! I’ve loved mysteries and have felt a bit like a private investigator hunting down the details. Taking educated guesses at times, but for the most part relying on family stories to pursue leads.
And so I have decided to document my search and share my findings with my relatives and friends. I’m hoping some of the information that I share will lead to memories being triggered and new stories shared. New clues unearthed and an appreciation by all of the family for where we came from and how fortunate we all are that our family took the risks in coming to America to give us all these great opportunities.
The journey continues….

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