Guest Blog Post!

Since you may not be aware, I was recently invited to submit a blog post to the Jewish Gen blog.  Since I was just wrapping up my Beginner’s Genealogy Class that they offer that was my topic.  If you’d like to read it you are welcome to visit my  Guest Post.

In other news, I’m going on a vacation!  Hurrah!  Yes, I’ll be traveling up to beautiful Maine and hoping to do a little side research on my Morse family that is originally from there.  I’ve got some leg work to do ahead of time, but with the hot weather that has sprung up I do believe I’ll have time over the next few weeks.

Sadly, I must share that my Uncle Thomas Clifford passed away this week.  He was always such a staple at holiday events that I’m sure I’ll miss him when Thanksgiving comes and he isn’t there.  Tom served in the Navy during the Korean War.  He worked as a clerk in a number of different stores over the years.  He had three older sisters who all passed away before him.  He lived to be 78 years old and for the most part had a pretty active and healthy life.  He was always one to get around by either walking or taking local transit.   I hope that he is at peace now and is reunited with the rest of his Clifford family.

One thought on “Guest Blog Post!

  1. Jen-Nice job on the guest post. Keep up the blogging. I’m sure many people read them even if they don’t comment.Kait


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