Paying Respects to Another Lost Family Member

It’s been a rough week in the Alford clan.  I mentioned my Uncle Tom who passed away earlier this week, but today I learned of another loss in the family.  I have some family out in California that are descendants of my Aunt Bobby.  I haven’t seen or heard from them in many years, but I still think of them and wonder how they are doing.  Well today I learned that a cousin of mine, L. Cpl. Gavin Brummond, had been killed by a landmine in Afghanistan.  He was only 22 years old and was married just a short time.   I cannot imagine what the family and his wife are going through.  It makes me so sad.
There are a few links online that shared the details and the comments from those who knew him were really touching.  I don’t believe I ever met him, but it still saddens me that he was taken so young.  I am grateful that there are so many who have served our country and want to help those who can’t stand up for themselves.  For me I find it so heartbreaking to see so many young people taken from this world.  I know that I’m pretty soft-hearted when it comes to such things, but it’s still hard to understand the big picture sometimes.
For anyone who’d like to read about my cousin, please feel free to read this blog post and the comments.  He sounds like he would have been a great guy to know.  What a loss.

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