Central Ohio Geneabloggers Luncheon Meetup

Early last month I had the pleasure of meeting  five fantastic ladies  from Ohio who I had met through Twitter who are interested in genealogy.  We had gotten to know each other through Twitter and our blogs and realized it would be great to get to meet in person.  So Shelly organized our meetup and we all tweeted about how we were looking forward to it.  I studied everyone’s pictures, but even so didn’t immediately recognize the first lady there.   We introduced ourselves though and anxiously awaited the rest of our group.

Once everyone had arrived we were shown to our table and we quickly settled in.  Though there were only six of us at the lunch we seemed to have a wide variety of genealogy experience between us.  Most of our group has ancestors that settled in the Ohio/ Indiana/ Michigan area.  It was great to hear about the challenges we all face with our family histories and even shared stories of how our relatives react to our stories about combing through census records and so forth.  I found it wonderfully therapeutic to hear that their family’s eyes glaze over just as much as mine do.  I also loved it that when each of us spoke about our blogs and research… the faces lit up.  Genealogy isn’t for everyone, but our little group obviously loves it.  We plan to do our best to meet at least once a month and try to connect at conferences too.  I’m excited about getting to know these ladies and learning from them.

In case you are curious, here’s our little gang and our various blogs.

Twitter…                     The Blogs
@GenealogyCircle      http://www.cindyfreed.com/
@amycrow                 http://www.amyjohnsoncrow.com/
@GravestonedPug      http://gravestoned.blogspot.com/
@CornAndCotton      http://www.cornandcotton.com/
@SenseofFamily         http://www.asenseoffamily.com/
@JenniferAlford          http://jen-gen.blogspot.com

3 thoughts on “Central Ohio Geneabloggers Luncheon Meetup

  1. That was a fun day, Jennifer, and I think it’s just the start of something great! I really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to getting to know everyone better. How neat to have so many geneabloggers in our area!


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