Going In-Depth is Here!

Perhaps you've been wondering what I've been up to over the past two weeks?  Or did you not notice that I've been absent? Well, I became part of The In-Depth Genealogist Leadership Team and jumped right in as Publisher of the digital magazine, Going In-Depth.  This is our first crack at the digital magazine format … Continue reading Going In-Depth is Here!

Follow Friday- The Legal Genealogist

It has been about a few months since I started reading Judy Russell's blog, The Legal Genealogist and I wish I had found it sooner! She shares some great information on the legalities of involved in the past and present.  She also covers copyright on a regular basis which I find quite helpful as I … Continue reading Follow Friday- The Legal Genealogist

2012 Goals and Progress Made

Here it is October and I've not checked on my goals since June! General Genealogy Goals Education 1.  Attend the Ohio Genealogical Conference in Cleveland, Ohio (April 12-14).  I decided not to attend this year.  2.  Attend the National Family History Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio (May 9-12).  Yes, I was able to go!  It was a fun experience and I’m … Continue reading 2012 Goals and Progress Made

Central Ohio Geneabloggers Luncheon Meetup

Early last month I had the pleasure of meeting  five fantastic ladies  from Ohio who I had met through Twitter who are interested in genealogy.  We had gotten to know each other through Twitter and our blogs and realized it would be great to get to meet in person.  So Shelly organized our meetup and we … Continue reading Central Ohio Geneabloggers Luncheon Meetup