Motivation Monday- Update on Goals for 2012

I thought since I’m already through a quarter of 2012 I should probably check in on myself and how I am doing on my goals.  Initially I had a pretty ambitious list… and since that initial list I’ve made some headway.  Here’s how I stand now…

General Genealogy Goals
1.  Attend the Ohio Genealogical Conference in Cleveland, Ohio (April 12-14).  I’ve decided not to attend this year.  The topics just weren’t calling to me as much as last year and the expense of hotel, parking, food, and the conference seemed too high for me this year.  Instead I’m planning on attending the National conference in Cincy.
2.  Attend the National Family History Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio (May 9-12).  I’m registered!  
3.  Visit the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana and learn about the resources available there.  Yes!  I made it finally!  I met 20 geneabloggers and had a great time with them and getting familiar with the library.  I cannot wait to go again!
4.  Finish the Advanced Jewish Genealogy Coursework that I began in November.  I’m still working on this one.  I’m about 75% done and hope to finish this up this month.
5.  Take the courses that I won last year through the Family Tree Magazine.  Haven’t even looked at them.
6.  Finish reading the Jewish Genealogy book that I bought last year.  I’m about 1/3 through the book.  Slow but sure progress.  
7.  Finish the Methodology Part 1 course through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  This probably won’t happen till later this year.
8.  Attend the Midwestern Roots Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana (July 20-21).  I still need to register for this.

1.  Write at least once a week.  I’ve done well with this.  There were even weeks with 2-3 posts!
2.  Promote my blog on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  Definitely been getting more social media face time.  It’s been fun!
3.  Invite others to write as guests on my blog.  Still need to line this up.

1.  Continue to meet with the COG’s (Central Ohio Geneabloggers).  Oh yea, this has been so much fun.  Just love these gals!
2.  At all conferences make at least one new connection.  I need to work on this one.  I tend to be a bit shy in new situations and have to force myself outside of my comfort zone.
3.  Become active in the Licking County Genealogical Society and volunteer in the library.  I’ve joined the group, but haven’t made it to a meeting or contacted anyone to volunteer. 

Family Interviews
Interview the older generations in my family about their memories growing up.  Use pictures to spur stories about relatives that I know little about.  Record these interviews to digital audio for later reference and sharing.  I have been stalling on this one.  Really need to schedule these in the next couple of months.

Specific questions and goals for the family lines that I’d like to examine this year…
1.  Find out more about Margaret Maude Nolan Morse McGraw.  According to my Great Uncle, she was married once before she met George Frederick Morse.  Was Nolan her maiden name or was it her 1st married name?  While at the ACPL I was able to work on this question.  I still need to pursue some more leads on this and request some marriage records to confirm/ disprove my findings.
2.  Who was George Frederick Morse married to before Margaret?  My Great Uncle said he was married once before… who was she?  No progress on this one yet.
3.  What happened to Arthur Morse’s daughter Helena Irene?  No progress on this one yet.
4.  Join the Morse Family Genealogical Society.   I joined last month, but haven’t received any mailings yet.  

1.  Find out more about Alex/ Ellye Kriger in Belarus.  Was he born there or elsewhere?  When & where was he buried?  No progress on this one yet.
2.  Did Myer Krueger have any siblings?  According to my grandma there was a sister in Minnesota that married and had several children.  When did she come to America?   No progress on this one yet.
3.  Where is Sophia/ Zipe Soloman Krueger buried and when did she die?  Where was she born?  Did she have any siblings besides Sarah Soloman Shon?   No progress on this one yet.

1.  Did Samuel Hirsch Engel have any siblings?  Did his family remain in Slovakia?   No progress on this one yet.
2.  Did Dora Fleckman Engel have any siblings?  Did her family stay in Slovakia?   No progress on this one yet.

1.  Find out more about my dad’s half-brother Kenny and Kenny’s mother.  Where did they end up & is Kenny still alive?  No progress on this one yet.
2.  Find out more about Naomi Reynolds Alford’s family and whether any more pictures are “out there”.  No progress on this one yet.
3.  Join the Alford Family Association.   No progress on this one yet.

1.  Find out where in Ireland the Cliffords came from originally.   No progress on this one yet.

2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday- Update on Goals for 2012

  1. Jen, I’m impressed by so many aspects of your goals. They are very thorough, specific, and detailed. I like your divisions and I like the presentation on your blog by using different colors. I was working on my post last night and realized that I have too many after which I need to write “No progress.” I tell myself there’s always tomorrow (and next year, etc.).All the best for success with your goals, Jen. I’m sure you’ll accomplish all of them.


  2. Thanks Nancy! I’ve always been a very goal oriented person and over the years I’ve learned to make specific goals that are attainable. Some of the surname goals may not be reached this year, but at the very least it’s something to work toward. The key is to never make yourself feel bad about what you haven’t done… just appreciate what you have!


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