Goal Words for 2014: Balance, Savor, Focus

This year I'm starting something new in how I make my yearly goals.  A number of my genealogy friends are choosing three words to help them work on their goals which is based on Chris Brogan's blog.  The point is to use these words to help me remember my goals by emphasizing these three words … Continue reading Goal Words for 2014: Balance, Savor, Focus

Status of My Goals

  I can't believe that it is March already!  It's been a whirlwind since I became involved with The In-Depth Genealogist leadership team.  I love it, but it's certainly a challenge to keep up with all the different goals that are in my radar.  So I thought I'd take a few minutes to check in … Continue reading Status of My Goals

Motivation Monday- Planning Ahead

Last week I shared with you all of my lofty goals and plans for the year.  In particular, I have a lot of goals related to planning ahead.  Writing blog posts and articles ahead of deadlines and developing research plans that I will actually stick to are important to me.  My college days were a … Continue reading Motivation Monday- Planning Ahead

2012 Goals and Progress Made

Here it is October and I've not checked on my goals since June! General Genealogy Goals Education 1.  Attend the Ohio Genealogical Conference in Cleveland, Ohio (April 12-14).  I decided not to attend this year.  2.  Attend the National Family History Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio (May 9-12).  Yes, I was able to go!  It was a fun experience and I’m … Continue reading 2012 Goals and Progress Made