Getting Your Tuches* to the Archives

*tuches  (Yid.) The part of the body which you sit upon.  Rear end, bottom, backside, buttocks. As I mentioned in my last article, my recent trip with my mom included several genealogical research opportunities.  In particular, I had called and emailed the St. Joseph County Archives to request that they pull probate records for a number of my … Continue reading Getting Your Tuches* to the Archives

“Branching Out” for All Ages

Earlier this year, Jennifer Holik published several series of books for homeschoolers and other educators. Her books entitled, “Branching Out” are based on her original blog writings and were fleshed out for several age groups: 1st–3rd, 4th-8th, and High School Students. She also had additional genealogists assist in these books. Her editor was Stephanie Pitcher … Continue reading “Branching Out” for All Ages