Margaret Clifford- High School Grad

In May I received several bags of documents, photos, and other ephemera that had been in my dad's keeping the past few years.  As I have slowly tried to get rid of the smoky stink that clings to everything, I have gone through and begun scanning and documenting the contents.  It wasn't until I began … Continue reading Margaret Clifford- High School Grad

Tombstone Tuesday- Shirley A. and Albert O. Ashbrook

Though this is a pretty recent headstone, I love the creativity that is shown here.  I've seen several of these etched stones with graphics.  Maybe mine will have my family tree etched on!  Or a QR code?  Good thing I have many years before I need to worry about such things.  What's the most unique … Continue reading Tombstone Tuesday- Shirley A. and Albert O. Ashbrook

What a Mitzvah* is JewishGen!

*mitzah (Yid.) A good deed   One of the single greatest resources I have come across is the website,  This site is powered by a battalion of volunteers and a few staff members.  Recently I was fortunate to meet Avraham Groll while attending the NGS conference and it was only then that I learned … Continue reading What a Mitzvah* is JewishGen!