Cincinnati Main Library Visit


This weekend I was fortunate to have time in the Cincinnati Main Library’s genealogy section. I was working on some Kentucky client research and they had a larger collection than the Columbus Library. I was excited to see the 1850 & 1860 Agricultural Census were available in transcribed books. These were published by Willow Bend Books originally, but are now available through Heritage Books.  Though I did not have a lot of time there I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of collections available.  It’s a lovely building and the staff are all very helpful.  I just hope next time I have more time to really dig in to their collections!

One thought on “Cincinnati Main Library Visit

  1. Glad to know this, Jen! It is always a “stretch” to find out where the best and largest local collections are. I’ll put Cincinnati library in my stash of libraries to inquire about. I hope all these collections are growing — I’m certainly “archiving” a lot of my family papers into libraries. Thanks!


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