Making Your Own Genealogical Record Trail

It has been a busy month for me which is why I have not been writing much here on this blog.  My fiancé and I decided to get married last month after several years of engagement. We planned a small ceremony  with our parents and then a dinner celebration afterwards. We are an unconventional couple so we’d planned on using a Halloween theme for our wedding cake.  It was a lovely event and it is so wonderful to have a partner to lean on for the rest of our lives.

In the process I was not thinking much about genealogy, but when we applied for our marriage license it reminded me of all those records I had requested for my own grandparents. As we filled out the form I printed clearly to be sure that future generations would be able to read my handwriting.  My husband was not quite so conscientious in his printing, but it was retyped by the clerk so that I knew it was correct there.  I certainly hope there will be generations interested in our marriage in the future, but who knows.  In the meantime we are building our life together and enjoying making joint decisions and leaning on each other more.  So when the computer dies or the “check engine” light comes on when you are a hundred miles from home… you have that special person there to help decide the best course of action.  It is nice not to feel so alone in the world.

This past week was Thanksgiving and we were able to recreate our first date.  It was a lovely dinner and really helped us connect before the hectic holiday.  We were grateful to get to spend time with my family and catch up with everyone.  We ate far too much, but that’s the great thing about the holiday.  Saturday we attempted to drive up to visit my dad and family in northern Indiana, but the car had other plans.  I was quite disappointed that we didn’t make it up there, but the prospect of getting stranded and spending big bucks to fix the car was disheartening.  We came home and took care of our homework (him) and family tree designs (me).  I caught up on some movies and cuddled with the kitties.  Not a bad way to spend the weekend, but I was bummed over not getting to seem my dad and brother.  Hopefully we can manage the trip sometime soon.


One thought on “Making Your Own Genealogical Record Trail

  1. Congratulations on your marriage, Jen! I have a feeling that years from now you’ll look back at this first Thanksgiving as a married couple and smile, both at the things that went right and the things that went wrong. Best wishes for years and years of happiness!


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