Book of Me- Prompt 3

This is part of a continuing series that I am participating in.  For more information check out Angler’s Rest.


Prompt 3: Your Physical Self

  • Your size – clothes size
  • Scars
  • Eye colour
  • Draw your hands
  • Finger Prints


Your size- clothes size
In my high school days I thought I was overweight and didn’t like my body much. I was active though and really I was in pretty decent shape then! I think a lot of it was the pressure of classmates to be super skinny that made me self-conscious.

Today I am still unhappy with my body. I have put on a lot of weight and would like to lose it. Finding the time and motivation has been challenging. Perhaps it will spur me on soon? In the meantime I take solace in many other accomplishments. I do rather about the compliments on my naturally curly reddish-brown hair and clear pale skin. I am pretty and have nice straight teeth (Thanks to braces) and a great smile. I do have glasses, but I like the character that they add. I am 5′ 5″ tall and usually I can reach things on the top shelf.



One of my first scars happened when I was staying at my dad’s house.  I was at the playground down the street and was hanging upside down on the jungle gym.. and said, “Look Dad, no hands!” Talk about famous last words!  I fell flat on my face on the asphalt underneath the jungle gym.  As a result I have a scar just below my bottom lip.

My next scar is on my left lower leg from when I was kneeling in the grass in my dad’s yard.  I never found out what cut my leg.

I have a couple of scars on my fingers from accidents with sharp objects… and one on my left big toe too.

My most recent scar is from my foot surgery that I had a few years ago.


Eye colour

My eyes are brownish green I think. It depends on the light.
Draw your hands
My hands are apparently very similar to my dad’s hands. I never really get long nails as I tend to nibble on them when nervous. Other than that they are pretty common looking. .. Don’t usually wear nail polish or much jewelry even though I have a fair bit from my grandma. Go figure!

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