Cemetery News from the Past

INTERFERED WITH MOWER Gravestones Said to Have Been Removed From Cemetery for Trifling Cause SPECIAL TO THE PLAIN DEALER. TOLEDO, O., June 18.- An uproar has been raised here over alleged serious mismanagement of the Fort Meigs burying ground, a few miles out of the city. The cemetery is one of the oldest in this … Continue reading Cemetery News from the Past

AncestryDNA vs FamilyTreeDNA Results

After yesterday's big announcement that AncestryDNA had released everyone's upgraded Ethnicity results I was anxious to get in to see my updated results.  Before the upgrade I had a breakdown of Scandinavian at around 27%, then Eastern European, and Southern Europe.  This time I was pleased to see the following!  This is much closer to … Continue reading AncestryDNA vs FamilyTreeDNA Results