Planning My Research

Dennis Nolan at Greenwood Cemetery, Michigan City, Indiana.

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a whopping 4 hours on my own research while I was in northern Indiana. I had to be selective on how I spent my time and narrow my list to items that I felt would be possible to accomplish. It was tough! At first stab, I made a … Continue reading Planning My Research

New Jewish Course Through National Institute for Genealogical Studies

National Institute for genealogical studies

Have you been wanting to learn more about Jewish genealogy, but needed a structured class to get you started? I am pleased to announce that the course I wrote for the National Institute for Genealogical Studies is now available! This has been a few years in the works, but I am so excited to share … Continue reading New Jewish Course Through National Institute for Genealogical Studies

Keeping Up With My To-Do’s

I always say that I prefer to be busy. Until I am actually too busy to keep up with everything! Then I get stressed out and have to rethink how I use my time. This month has been a pretty busy one with several exciting things happening within a week of each other. Eek! Right … Continue reading Keeping Up With My To-Do’s

The Challenges of Jewish Genealogy

  It's been nine years since my wonderful Jewish grandma, Shirley Krueger Morse passed away and July 11th would have been her 99th birthday! As sad as I get to think of her death in May 2008, it also reminds me of the joy that I found in genealogy. In a way I was able … Continue reading The Challenges of Jewish Genealogy

Legacy Family Tree Webinars Sale

Legacy Family Tree Webinars is having a 2017 Subscriber Summer Spectacular! As an affiliate (and webinar presenter) with Legacy Family Tree I was sent the news of this great sale that is coming up on subscriptions. It's a DON'T MISS! Here's what they say... It's our way of saying thank you to our webinar subscribers and … Continue reading Legacy Family Tree Webinars Sale