The Challenges of Jewish Genealogy

  It's been nine years since my wonderful Jewish grandma, Shirley Krueger Morse passed away and July 11th would have been her 99th birthday! As sad as I get to think of her death in May 2008, it also reminds me of the joy that I found in genealogy. In a way I was able … Continue reading The Challenges of Jewish Genealogy

AncestryDNA vs FamilyTreeDNA Results

After yesterday's big announcement that AncestryDNA had released everyone's upgraded Ethnicity results I was anxious to get in to see my updated results.  Before the upgrade I had a breakdown of Scandinavian at around 27%, then Eastern European, and Southern Europe.  This time I was pleased to see the following!  This is much closer to … Continue reading AncestryDNA vs FamilyTreeDNA Results

A Bissel* of Knowledge Goes a Long Way

* bissel (Yid.) little bit Recently I was reading Jen Baldwin's blog post “Know Your Family Medical History” [1. Baldwin, Jen. “Know Your Family Medical History.” Ancestral Breezes, 25 June 2012. 2012.] and it reminded me of the value of this knowledge. I don't know about you, but I do not think about the medical aspects … Continue reading A Bissel* of Knowledge Goes a Long Way