Status of My Goals

  I can't believe that it is March already!  It's been a whirlwind since I became involved with The In-Depth Genealogist leadership team.  I love it, but it's certainly a challenge to keep up with all the different goals that are in my radar.  So I thought I'd take a few minutes to check in … Continue reading Status of My Goals

Motivation Monday- Planning Ahead

Last week I shared with you all of my lofty goals and plans for the year.  In particular, I have a lot of goals related to planning ahead.  Writing blog posts and articles ahead of deadlines and developing research plans that I will actually stick to are important to me.  My college days were a … Continue reading Motivation Monday- Planning Ahead

Welcome 2013! It’s Time for Genealogy Goals

After almost two weeks of stewing on my genealogy goals for 2013 I have finally narrowed it down as much as I can.  Never an easy feat for me as I'm usually a bit too ambitious and make more goals than is possible to be completed.  All the same, I like a good challenge!  So … Continue reading Welcome 2013! It’s Time for Genealogy Goals