Goal Words for 2014: Balance, Savor, Focus

2014 Goal words

This year I’m starting something new in how I make my yearly goals.  A number of my genealogy friends are choosing three words to help them work on their goals which is based on Chris Brogan’s blog.  The point is to use these words to help me remember my goals by emphasizing these three words and how I want them to relate to my life.

My Words of 2014: Balance, Savor, Focus


This past year I had a real imbalance between what I consider important areas of my life.  In 2014 I want to better manage the time I spend and find a balance that is comfortable and enjoyable for each area.


  1. Call my dad at least once a month to check in and catch up.
  2. Have a date night with my husband at least once a month.
  3. Reach out to my sisters more often and help as much as I can with the new baby on the way.
  4. Visit with my family more often.
  5. Take my dogs for a hike once a month.  (Yes, they are my family!)


  1. Continue with Weight Watchers and make the time to improve my health.
  2. Take time for myself to enjoy my other hobbies outside of genealogy.


  1. Be more efficient at work by preventing other things from interfering with the quality of my work.

Personal Genealogy Research:

  1. Spend at least one day a month researching my own ancestors.


  1. Increase work to 12 hours a week at a minimum. This includes marketing, writing, and presentation work.


  1. Streamline the magazine so that it is done several days ahead of the 15th.
  2. Limit work on IDG to no more than 20 hours a week.


2013 flew by for me and I realized that I didn’t really appreciate the good times as much as I could have.  So this year I plan on enjoying and living more in the moment!


1. When talking and visiting with family, be more present in the moment. Listen and appreciate the time I have with them. Put away the cell phone!!!


1. Take my time when eating and enjoy every bite and drink.


1. Appreciate the challenges and learning opportunities of each day and new project.

Personal Genealogy Research:

1. Have fun and revel in the wonderful connections made along the way. Friendships and constant learning are just a few of the things to appreciate.


1. Have fun with the writing and presenting that I do as a part of my business.


1. Roll with it and enjoy the ride. Find more ways to have fun with it!


Last year I worked on gaining focus, but with the added responsibility of IDG I found that I was a bit scattered.  This time around I’m going to narrow my focus even more in each of these areas.


1. Strengthen the relationships with my immediate family by reaching out to them on a regular basis to share stories and memories of the past.

2. Make special moments with my husband to show him how much he means to me.


1. Be accountable and track my points every day.

2. Get active! Walk the dogs and take the stairs whenever possible.


1. Reach out to the senior staff in my department for guidance on a regular basis.

2. Look for ways to streamline work whenever possible.

Personal Genealogy Research:

1. Complete a book on the Morse family including citations, photographs, and narratives.

2. Participate in webinars and conferences when possible.


1. Increase my knowledge in Jewish genealogy and work to gain further exposure through writing, presentations, and mentoring.

2. Continue ProGen and actively participate to build relationships and increase knowledge to become a better genealogist.

3. Advertise trees to other genealogists for use in their books for clients (or themselves).


1. Work with the writers to streamline the magazine and book productions to create quality content.

2. Write a Jewish Genealogy article every other month and publish a book.

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