Getting Started with Jewish Genealogy Workshop

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I learned that there was an interest in getting me to speak about Jewish Genealogy at the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, Ohio. When I was first getting my feet wet as a genealogist I attended several classes there that were offered in conjunction with the Franklin County (Ohio) … Continue reading Getting Started with Jewish Genealogy Workshop

“Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot”

This week my mind has been focused on Shannon Cemetery in Bluffton, Ohio.  I have no known connection to this town, but I feel strongly about preserving our nation's cemeteries and so it has become a hot topic for me.  You see, one of the local influential men in the area decided that he didn't like seeing … Continue reading “Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot”

Cemetery News from the Past

INTERFERED WITH MOWER Gravestones Said to Have Been Removed From Cemetery for Trifling Cause SPECIAL TO THE PLAIN DEALER. TOLEDO, O., June 18.- An uproar has been raised here over alleged serious mismanagement of the Fort Meigs burying ground, a few miles out of the city. The cemetery is one of the oldest in this … Continue reading Cemetery News from the Past