AncestryDNA vs FamilyTreeDNA Results

After yesterday's big announcement that AncestryDNA had released everyone's upgraded Ethnicity results I was anxious to get in to see my updated results.  Before the upgrade I had a breakdown of Scandinavian at around 27%, then Eastern European, and Southern Europe.  This time I was pleased to see the following!  This is much closer to … Continue reading AncestryDNA vs FamilyTreeDNA Results

A Bissel* of Knowledge Goes a Long Way

* bissel (Yid.) little bit Recently I was reading Jen Baldwin's blog post “Know Your Family Medical History” [1. Baldwin, Jen. “Know Your Family Medical History.” Ancestral Breezes, 25 June 2012. 2012.] and it reminded me of the value of this knowledge. I don't know about you, but I do not think about the medical aspects … Continue reading A Bissel* of Knowledge Goes a Long Way