AncestryDNA vs FamilyTreeDNA Results

After yesterday’s big announcement that AncestryDNA had released everyone’s upgraded Ethnicity results I was anxious to get in to see my updated results.  Before the upgrade I had a breakdown of Scandinavian at around 27%, then Eastern European, and Southern Europe.  This time I was pleased to see the following!  This is much closer to what I expected to see originally.

Ancestry DNA Results

I am pleasantly surprised with Ancestry’s analysis.  FamilyTree DNA results seems pretty general by comparison!

Family Tree DNA Results

Nice to see my Jewish percentages are within just a few points for both DNA tests though. Considering that my maternal grandmother was 100% Jewish; it makes sense that I come up as roughly 25% Jewish. Based on my research to date, my maternal grandfather’s side of the family was a mix of Irish and possibly French.  My paternal grandmother’s side was also Irish and French.  My paternal grandfather’s side was British for the most part.  So the small percentages in the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia, and Finnish are interesting tidbits I may have to look forward to as I go further in researching my family.  Fascinating!!

What surprised you when you got your updated Ancestry analysis?









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